Wednesday, March 6, 2019

All the Best Baby Names We Didn't Use

The other day while driving home from Las Vegas with my girlfriends, we got to talking about how we are all done having babies, and what names we never got to use. We all had quite a few, but I forgot some because I didn't have my little list handy! I've had this list for years, and I've add to it or taken away as time has gone on. Obviously we've used Henry, Charles and Olive...but there are SO many more I love. Are you curious? I hope so, because here we go!

If we were to have another baby girl her name would be Gigi. I would have to work hard to get Hank on board but doesn't "Gigi Hampton" sound so great? That's also the Grandma name my Mom goes by- "Gigi," and I feel like it's a cute nod to her, although I'm not sure if Gigi #1 and #2 would be confusing! We'll never know though! haha!

Other potential girl names we never used:

June (as a first name- this is Olive's middle name)

Boys names are harder! Here is a short list of other boy name I love:


How about you? Do you have a running list of baby names in your head? I won't ever get to use to them, so I love imagining a pregnant mama reading this and having a lightbulb moment for HER baby name and using one of these brings me great joy!



  1. Love this! I am not done having babies but our hopefully-someday-third/last baby is already named and I love torturing our families by not sharing what it is!

    1. I love that! haha! We were the same way- we always knew our names ahead of time!

  2. I love reading baby name lists! Who though of Olive and were you both immediately on board?

    1. Me too! I love seeing what everyone loves! And the name Olive has been something we both loved for years and years- we knew if we ever had a girl she would be either Olive or Clementine. We were both on board from day one! I can't remember where it came from though!

  3. All of these names are so cute! I can't wait to have a baby in the future and I've had a list on my phone for a few years now, my favourite girl name is Nova and boy name is Ira, not too sure what my boyfriend would think about them though!

    Shannon |

    1. Hi Shannon!

      Oh I LOVE those names! Nova is so pretty and Ira is such a great, classic name!
      Thanks for commenting. :)


  4. My son is Maxwell Aeres he's 16 now but I also loved Henry,Ines and Pearl. Ive settled for naming my cat Pearl as no more babies for me!!

  5. So many cute names! We had a list of names but since we haven’t had kids due to infertility, we might not get to use them (hoping to adopt and still on the fence on whether we will change their name or not). These are all so cute and unique though!

  6. These are adorable. We are expecting twins, and I thought for the first trimester that they were probably boys (they're not!), and we had boy names totally set: Spencer Codric and Caldon Severus.

    The fact that we will never use these names feels so permanent and strange, but after these last two little girls, we are d-o-n-e having babies!

  7. I will not have any babies to name, but I've always gotten complimented on my own name. My parents wanted a name that couldn't easily be shortened. :) And it's always been pleasantly obscure in baby name trends so the novelty hasn't been lost.

  8. Love the names! So my husband and I don't have kids yet and we're leaning towards maybe thinking more about it in the next year. But of course I'm already planning names. I want George or Ezra, he wants Zephariah (family name). Oye!!

  9. My twins are Ava and Emma both family names. Looking at the family tree we discovered so many great names IF they had been boys Arthur and Albert (grandfathers) but w hip middle names: Van & Jay.
    For girls all-time loves
    Nina, Olive, Opal, Violet, Sabine & sisley
    Boy name: Tate Oliver pls someone use it.