Sunday, March 24, 2019

Weekly Links

Spring is here and I'm SO excited! This is a shot from our garden last year- peonies are my favorite and it brought be so much joy to see them blooming here last Spring/Summer. I can't wait for everything to come up again and I'll be documenting a lot more this time around.

Also- happy Sunday! Olive and I are headed out on a hike but I wanted to share some links first. Enjoy! xo


Going to NYC? Check out this food guide. LA? Try this one.

It's almost bathing suit season! Are you a bikini person? One-piece lover? I like both, and I always love everything this brand does- nothing is cut too high, totally feels age-appropriate to me. And then of course Madewell always has the cutest high-waisted bottoms too.

Are you following me on Pinterest? I pin fun things there daily.

“Kids practice every single emotion they’re ever going to use on anybody on you.” Loved reading this.

How to combat imposter syndrome.

Tiny love stories.

24 books to read instead of Spring cleaning.

My traveling life has never been better thanks to these. I'll share more in an upcoming packing post but in the meantime- get yourself some packing cubes!

The daily routines of 12 famous writers.

I always love a good productivity hack.

NPR's books to read from 2018.

Amsterdam is definitely on my list.

Interesting article about skincare/the current state of the beauty industry.

Check out this cute shoe brand- SO many amazing sandals!

Are the 30s your prime? I don't think so- I believe it only gets better!

Talking about death with your children.

Wishlist:  every single item in this section, this bathing suit, and all of this new Spring jewelry!

And my BIGGEST wishlist item: one of these!

This is the backpack I brought to Disney (in the Dusty Rose color)- it was a great choice!

Beating burnout.

Salted chocolate chunk shortbread cookies. Yum!

Some Spring trends to check out.

Your guide to who's running for president in 2020.

What would your "5 Desert Island Foods" be?

Combating your inner critic.

And finally, have you watched this show yet? It's truly wonderful!


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