Saturday, May 25, 2019

Weekly Links

Do you guys know what I'm doing right now? I'm sitting here in bed typing this and listening to Henry and his friends laugh so hard at Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It's 10pm and they should be tired...but it's the first night of summer and these crazy boys are having a sleepover. So- a late night it is! I won't go to bed until they all are asleep so I thought I'd use this time to do a links post for all of you. Maybe one of the very last posts on this blog until we switch over to my new site too! Exciting.

Here we go --

10 books to read this summer.

And 10 more!

The best advice you've ever received.

Would you leave your phone home on vacation?

Wishlist: this dress, any of these bags, and these sandals.

Other loves: one, two and three! And ALL of the Annie Bing tees please!

Having a library or cafe down the street from your house could change your life.

We're making parenting harder than it has to be.

Must have summer dresses: one, two (all of them, haha), and three.

Fascinating: The Tinder Hacker.

I recently picked up a few basics from this brand and I'm in LOVE. Great quality and so cute. Also check out Z Supply- another great one for basics.

Top food trends of 2019. Any of your faves on the list?

Great post with some tips on how the author deals with anxiety. For me, it's all about the CBD- I'll talk more about it in an upcoming post.

10 books that will make you a happier person.

Are you a Gen X'er or a Millennial?

ALL of these are getting me into major summer mode!

Jumpsuit love: one and two.

I love reading about people's morning routines!

Here's another post on routine.

I need some new sneakers- have you ever tried this kind?

And finally, what every successful person knows, but never says.


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