Where did the name Sometimes Sweet come from?

When I was trying to figure out what I wanted to call this blog, Hank asked me how I would describe myself in an effort to find some naming inspiration. I said something like, "hmm, sweet?" to which Hank replied "SOMETIMES!" And thus, this blog's name was born.

What kind of camera do you use to take your photos?

I use this camera and love it! I also use a Canon t4i with a 40mm pancake lens. This is the lens I use almost all of the time. I used to use a 35mm and a 50mm with my Nikon, but since switching to Canon I find that this lens is the perfect everyday choice.

What did you go to college for?

I received a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a Master's of Education with an emphasis in English from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. I spent all four years as a Pi Phi and had a great college experience; I can't recommend NAU enough! So fun.

What do you do for work?

I work with various brands and companies to create digital content and assist them with social media. Right now I'm the Content Coordinator for Ergobaby, and I also work at Daley PR.

Do you think you'll ever go back to teaching?

I loved my time as a high school English teacher, and often miss it. Maybe one day I'll go back, but for now I own my own business where I am able to set my own schedule, which is very handy in this season of our life. If you're curious though, you can read more about my teaching experience here.

How did you and Hank meet? How long have you been together for?

Hank have been together for 13 years, and you can read all about how we met here. You can also check out our engagement story and wedding.

How many tattoos do you have? Do you think you'll get more? Are you going to get a tattoo for Charlie?

See a post all about my tattoos here- the only one not included is my (unfinished) Sylvia Plath portrait on my thigh that I got after that was posted. I'll probably get a couple small ones for any kids we have in the future, but as far as bigger pieces I don't think I can take it! The older I get the worse it hurts. And yes, I am going to get a tattoo for Charlie but I just need to work up the nerve...and interest.

Do you make money blogging? Can I advertise here?

I do. I work with brands and companies designing posts and campaigns that are fun and interesting for myself and my readers. I also use affiliate links when possible. As of now I've stopped doing regular sidebar ads, but I am open to other forms of collaboration. See my "Partner" page for more information and to request a media kit.

Do you want more kids?

We are expecting our third child March 2017 and I'm almost 100% positive she will be the last!

Do you write anywhere else?

Yes. I write for many different websites, and you can also find my (very) former Hello Giggles column here.

Can you give me some advice on just starting blogging?

Sure, check out my posts on the topic here and here, and check out some post ideas here too.